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Unity Primary Academy

“Giving every child every chance, every day.”

School Values



At Unity Primary Academy, our school values are at the core of everything we do. They are key characteristics of what we believe to be fundamental in living successful and  happy lives.  These values form the baseline of our daily lives and interactions with each other and We call them our 5 Ways.  











Visions and Values:


Our role at Unity Primary Academy is to ensure that the entire school community can learn happily and safely. Our vision is, "Giving every child, every chance every day."  For this to happen, we want all our pupils to make great decisions for themselves even in difficult situations. This means we directly teach them how to behave and conduct themselves in the school environment and the wider community. We teach our children to self-regulate – this involves naming feelings, communicating feelings, responding to conflict calmly, taking turns and enjoying being part of a school and wider community.


These core value words are used in everyday conversations with the children to support them in making the right choices.

Relationships between children at our school are key to every child being successful and happy. Our staff are trained on behaviour, communication, and the principles of behavioural science so they can make productive, predictable, and safe working relationships with our pupils.


Respect - for each other, adults and our school.

Engage - be committed and engage in your learning.

Aspire - Aim high and always do your best.

Care - look after, be mindful, be attentive and show humility. 

Honesty - be honest and always tell the truth.