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Thursday 11th June


Deforestation is not only affecting the plants, trees and animals of the rainforest. There are also still some indigenous people living in rainforests - these are people who are native to the forests. They have been born there and their families have always live there.


Today's reading is a quick 60 second read with just a few questions. The answers are on the second page (try not to look at them until you've had a go!):

If you have time, complete some other reading of your choice.

Remember: this doesn't always have to be a book or Reading Buddy!


Look very closely at the picture - it show a 'rainforest family' - and complete one or more of the writing activities below:

Picture 1

Design the perfect treehouse for construction in the rainforest for the family to live in. Write a few short descriptive sentences to describe the features of your design.



Living in the forest is probably both scary and fun.

Can you think of synonyms (words with the same or similar meaning) for fun and scary?

Can you think of antonyms (words with opposite meanings) for fun and scary?

Have a go at using some of your words in sentences about the family.



Carry on writing the following story beginning:

It had all gone wrong at home. That was why they had left and moved to the forest.

They had now been living here amongst the trees and ferns and tumbling streams for years. They had lived here for so long that in many ways they had changed completely. In many ways they had become part of the forest...



Today in maths you are going to continue to understand 24 hour time.

Remember you need to read an analogue clock and convert the times to 24 hour times.

For example:

4 o'clock:

16:00 is 4'clock in the afternoon and 04:00 is when we are asleep

Now try these. Give both times:


1) half past 7

2) twenty past 10

3) quarter to 6

4) quarter past 8

5) ten minutes to 9

Have a look at the powerpoint to help you with your learning today

Here are your maths questions

Here are the answers for yesterdays learning


Today you are going to design your own Rainforest animal. 

Be creative! It could be a mixture of two rainforest animals you have learnt about or design a completely new one. It is completely up to you!


Below are the sheets you could draw your new creature on 

The first sheet is 1 star

The Second sheer is 2 star

The third sheet is 3 star


You can draw your new animal in your workbooks if you can't print the sheet out.


You need to look at the instructions about what you have to write about your animal after you have designed it.


Mrs Sibley and Miss Stanbridge look forward to seeing your creations!