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Thursday 14th May


Morning! Today's reading is your free choice on Reading Buddy! Make sure the book you choose is the right challenge for you and that you try to answer a few questions too.

If you haven't yet completed a book review, I'd like you to try and do one this week for a book that you have previously read.

An example book review:

An example book review: 1


Over the last few weeks, we have learned about lots of grammar features and types of punctuation.

Today's task is a Grammar and Punctuation Challenge - lots of mini challenges! I'd like you to have a go at as many of them as you can and use your workbook to do any writing that you might need to do.

As you go, make a note of anything that you don't understand and ask your parent to send me a message - that way, we can cover it next week.

Good Luck!


I hope you all understood the equivalent fractions learning yesterday. 

Today, you are going to continue to learn about equivalent fractions


Can you remember what equivalent fractions are?

Can you think of a definition?

Picture 1

Topic - Drama

I saw this on Twitter and thought it looked great fun! I think Year 4 would be up for the challenge I have set.


Picture 1

I would like you to have a go at attempting your own version of recreating a book cover.

Maybe this would be a perfect way to collaborate with your brothers, sisters and maybe your parents. It's time to be resourceful too.


Maybe you could recreate one of the David Walliams stories: Demon Dentist, Billionaire Boy or Gangster Granny.  What about recreating a front cover of one of the stories by Roald Dahl? BE CREATIVE


Mrs Sibley and Miss Stanbridge would love to see them - so send in your photos!