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Thursday 16th July


Today's comprehension has no text to read! Instead, I'd like you to spend some time looking at this picture below.

It shows something cooking but not in a kitchen. This is a refugee camp - a temporary shelter built for people that have been forced to escape their country to escape war or violence.

Then, have a go at answering the questions that follow.

  1. There are pots on the cooker. What does this tell us?
  2. What do you think is stored in the big blue bottle?
  3. Do you think it’s easy to keep the cooking equipment clean and tidy at the camp?
  4. Do you think you would like cooking outdoors all of the time?
  5. What question would you ask the refugees about cooking in the camp?

Write the definitions for each of these words. Use a dictionary to help you.




This week, you are creating a booklet about yourselves to give to your teachers in September.


The next page will be based on how you like to learn. We are all so different and that should be celebrated.


So, have a think about whether you...

  • like to work alone or in a group/team
  • like to read information or watch videos
  • like to speak about what you have learnt or write it down
  • like to stand back and watch or have a go with your hands
  • enjoy giving an answer or feel nervous
  • enjoy break time or find it tricky


Try to think of some other information to include too!


Yesterday, you learnt how to use co-ordinates to describe the position of a shape on a grid.

Now it's time to put that learning to the test and Draw on a Grid.


Watch the learning clip before having a go at the questions.

Topic - Transition

As teachers, it's really helpful for us to know all about you so that we know how we might be able to help you at school.

Today, I'd like you to create a piece of artwork which represents your personality and highlights your individual qualities.

This could be a picture or maybe something more interesting, using materials you have at home.

You may find that listening to your favourite music helps you to express yourself.