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Thursday 18th



Converting between miles and kilometres

Click on the link to BBC Bitesize below. Learn how to convert between miles and kilometres.

This lesson includes:

  • a learning summary
  • an interactive activity
  • two worksheets



Yesterday we learnt some facts about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and ‘the origin of species’. After reading through the PowerPoint below, fill out the table in the document provided.

Fill out the table



Read the below story starter ‘The line-out’. Open the document below and answer the questions about the text. One of the activities asks you to draw a picture from a time when you have felt under pressure?


Story starter! The line-out

As the ball came sailing through the air towards Harry, he knew that what happened over the next few moments could decide the outcome of the game for his team.

With his team-mates all watching him, and a thousand eyes glued to his every move from the sidelines, Harry gulped. His heart pounded inside his chest as he reached his frozen hands into the air to receive the ball…

As always, tune in at 11am to ‘Elevenses’ to hear David Walliams read a story. If you miss any extracts from the week, they will be on the catch up page this coming Saturday, and will be there for a week.



Continue your learning on Parenthesis. If you missed it, go back to yesterday’s learning to hear Mrs Marley go through the PowerPoint. There is also a modelled example. Once you have reminded yourself, please attempt the activity sheet below.



What is adaptation?


Living things are adapted to their habitats. This means that they have special features that help them to survive. Watch the video on the below link then complete the ‘fill in the gaps’ exercise and quiz on the same page.


Get your bodies moving this morning with Joe Wicks. Alternatively, you may like to try out the dance below on Go Noodle.

PE With Joe | Thursday 18th June

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle