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Thursday 25th June


Today's comprehension has no text to read! Instead, I'd like you to spend some time looking at this picture below. It reminded me of the summer that I'd love to have if we could travel to other countries!

Then, have a go at answering the questions that follow.

  1. Identify ONE question you would like to ask about this scene.
  2. How does this photo make you feel and why?  
  3. How is the woman feeling and why do you think that?
  4. List 5 different things you can see in this photo – be descriptive!
  5. Where might this picture have been taken?  
  6. Why might this woman be taking photos? Think of as many different, sensible reasons as possible.






So, tomorrow you will all find out which class you will be a part of in September and who your teacher will be!

Just for fun, why not have a think about who you would like to have as your teacher and write an application to be in their class?


You can print out the sheet and fill it in if you are lucky enough to have a printer. If not, just look at this example carefully and create something similar in your workbooks or on paper.


Remember to write in full sentences where you have been asked to and use your best handwriting so that it has a better chance of being accepted!


Send me a picture when you're finished - I'd love to see them!


Today, you need to use everything you've been learning about decimals and money to complete the activity. Today, you will Solve Problems with Money


You also need to remember how we can use bar modelling to help us solve a problem.


Don't forget to watch the learning clip first as this will remind you of the steps for problem solving.

Topic - Science

Today, we are continuing with our new Science topic - Sound.

On Monday, I challenged you to complete a sound walk and make a list of sounds you could hear... but do you know how these sounds are made?

Click the link below to watch a learning clip, then test your knowledge with the quizzes on the page.

Now, let's have some fun!

We can experience how sounds are made by making a string telephone.

Find a partner and follow the instructions to investigate how sounds can be changed too.