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Thursday 2nd July


Time to travel onto somewhere a little further away... and a LOT colder!



Open the text, have a read and try to answer the questions that follow in your workbooks.

  1. What 2 things make the Antarctica a desert?
  2. Why people do not live in the Antarctica all the time?
  3. True or False?
  • Only land animals live in the Antarctica.
  • Penguins only live in the Antarctica during the summer months.
  • The tongue of a whale is bigger than a car.
  • Killer whales can be found around the world as they can live in different temperatures.​​​​​​​
  1. How do Emperor penguins care for their eggs?
  2. Write 2 bits of information about Roald Amundsen's adventures?
  3. Why is the ice melting?
  4. In your opinion, was Roald Amundsen a brave man? Why/Why not?
  5. Would you like to travel to Antarctica? Give 5 reasons for your answer.


This week, we are getting creative with our writing and I will be asking you to use everything you've been learning recently.

Look carefully at the picture and then complete the task below in your workbooks.

Write as many questions as you can starting with ‘What if...?’

Choose one of them and answer it.

This could be in the form of a story, a labelled diagram or perhaps a diary entry.


This week's maths is all about Statistics and Data - that's showing number information in a way that is useful

Today, we are looking at a new type of graph - Introducing Line Graphs.


After reading about La Tomatina, I started feeling hungry!

Here's some videos that will help you learn the Spanish names for fruits and vegetables

Have a go at repeating each Spanish word after you've heard it!

Spanish Lesson - FRUITS in Spanish

Spanish Lesson - VEGETABLES in Spanish

Now, draw and label some of your favourite fruits and vegetables, using the Spanish words.

This could be on a menu, a poster or a price list for a shop.