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Continuing on from yesterday’s lesson using DASH?, today's task is to write an adventure paragraph. Remember to think of the 5 senses when adding description to your writing. What can the character see, hear, small, feel and taste? Recap on the PPT pdf below to help you as well as the model and image. You can use the activity sheet to guide your writing, but if you would like to do your own, please do.

Adventure Image

Adventure Image  1
Picture 1


Continue your learning of relative clauses, remember to re-watch the example videos from Monday and yesterday explained by Mrs. Marley and complete the activity sheet below.



Listen to Miss Cassidy read chapter 3 of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe again (if you need a recap) and complete the below reading activities on the text. You can use a dictionary or search ‘ordinary definition’ in Google.


  1. Match the vocabulary words to their dictionary definitions. 



Picture 1

2.     Summarize chapter 3 in less than 50 words. 


As always, you can tune in at 11am to the link below to hear David Walliams read a story.



Using BBC Bitesize, you will be recapping ‘Compare and order fractions whose denominators are multiples of the same number’.

Watch the videos on the link below, and attempt the activities on either the website or the activity sheets. Remember you can always contact us using the form if you get stuck.



Read through ‘The Servant’ presentation and complete today’s activity; to retell the miracle of the centurion’s servant in a book. The key points need to be clearly in the retelling of the miracle story. Used the ‘Story Guidance’ and ‘Story Cards’ to help you.


Get your bodies moving this morning with Joe Wicks or Oti Mabuse