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Continue writing your diary entry, this time focusing on the secret annex Anne Frank hid inside. Use the senses table below to help.


Complete the first activity:

Underline the infinitive in red and the words that lead to its use (often a verb) in green.
1. ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ (Mahatma Gandhi)
2. We demand that Caesar stop fighting and remove his troops.
3. All we ask is that we be left in peace.
4. We suggest the enemy leave England at once.
5. If I were Caesar, I would give up this fight now.

Now use the subjunctive to create your own persuasive speech demanding one of the following:
 longer break times
 healthier school lunches
 the right to use mobile phones
 an issue of their own choice, e.g. the end of racism in sport.



We demand that the school stop telling us what to do.
All we ask is that the school allow us to wear our own clothes. We suggest that the school listen to its students.
If I were the head teacher I would do this straight away.
It is vital that the school community realise just how much is  spent on uniforms every year.
It is best that a pupil wear something they feel comfortable in. Finally, I propose that the school vote on this as soon as possible.


In this lesson you will learn how to identify and measure angles.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • one activity

This lesson will introduce you to angles as a measure of turn. 

It is important to understand and identify acuteobtuse and reflex angles. You should be able to identify each type of angle within a 2D shape, as well as a stand-alone angle.

You’ll need a protractor for this lesson, if you don’t have one access your Mathletics and focus on angles.


Listen or read this section of chapter 12, we will continue tomorrow and answer questions about the whole chapter.

Chpt 12 134-137.mp3


Today you are going to identify how commitment is shown through marriage ceremonies.

Use the presentation and link to a short video focusing on a Hindu wedding.


Task: Create a piece of artwork which depicts one part of the Hindu marriage ceremony.

You must include all the symbolic aspects of that part of the ceremony within your picture. Use the Hindu Wedding Fact Cards to help you.