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Thursday 30th April


Today's reading is Chapter 4 of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on Audible. Remember, if you don't like this story, there are plenty of other free stories on Audible at the moment. Once you've finished listening/reading, have a go at the questions below.

Write out these sentences and complete in your workbooks:


1. The White Rabbit was looking for a ______________ and a pair of ______________ .

2. The White Rabbit thought Alice was Mary Ann, the ______________________ .

3. Alice drank the bottle because she wanted to be ______________________ .


4. Alice ran away and soon found herself in _______________________ .


5. The puppy wanted the ____________________ that Alice had picked up.


6. On top of the mushroom, was a ______________________ .


For today's writing task, you will need to first read this text about Ananse and her friend, Pig.

On Tuesday, we looked at joining clauses with conjunctions. Today, I'd like to continue that but also look at the different types of conjunctions we use and why.

There are 3 types of conjunctions:

  • Cause - these conjunctions explain why
    • Mrs Sibley eats lots of chocolate because it is her favourite food.
  • Time - these conjunctions explain when
    • Miss Stanbridge will teach Williams after Miss Bird has moved away.
  • Place - these conjunctions explain where
    • Children leave mess wherever they play.


Here are some more examples of each type of conjunction:

Picture 1

Now choose your challenge:

Step 1 asks you to find and underline the conjunction. Then, if you can, decide whether it is a cause, time or place conjunction.

Step 2 asks you to choose a conjunction and write the second clause for the sentence. Please make sure you make a note of which type of conjunction you used and read the sentence back to make sure it makes sense.

Keep handwriting neat and pay attention to spelling!

You are welcome to do both if  you would like to!


Today, in Maths, we are going to work on rounding decimals. 

Have a think about rounding whole numbers. Can you remember the rhyme?

5 or more let it soar, 4 below let it rest

25 rounds to 30

43 rounds to 40

253 rounds to 250

Today, we are rounding decimals and they work exactly the same:

3.6 rounds to 4.0

34.7 rounds to 35.0

Watch the video, which begins the lesson with a starter activity. It then goes onto explaining the activity of rounding decimals.

Topic - Art

Today, you are going to be an artist. I have a drawing lesson for you to enjoy

I am particularly interested in your creations for number 5, 9, 4 and 22. You can draw and colour them in, in your workbooks. I would like to see your creations so remember to send a photo of your creations.

Your grid can be bigger than 5x5, if it is too small.