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Thursday 7th May


Tomorrow is VE Day - a very important day for Europe. To gain a better understanding of VE Day, read the information and then test your knowledge. Remember to choose the challenge that suits you first:


Today, I would like you to think and write creatively. Below are a choice of writing activities - just choose one and write as best you can. Please remember to include all of the grammar features, punctuation and correct spellings that you know. Don't forget to send me a photo too!


Here are the choices:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


In maths today, we are going to be recapping Perimeter and Area.

Can you remember what these mean? How are they written?

Have a look at the interactive perimeter and area powerpoints to help you to understand.

Then, you will be ready to complete perimeter and area challenges. 

There is a further Perimeter activity involving word problems

Topic - Wellbeing

As much as it is important to keep learning at home. It's also important to relax, have fun and look after your minds. 

Take a look at these Mindfulness activities and have a go at them. Doing them with a parent or sibling will make it more fun but they can also be completed alone, if you prefer.

Send photos too, if you can!

Picture 1 Focus: Concentration
Picture 2 Focus: Creativity
Picture 3 Focus: Positivity
Picture 4 Focus: Relaxation