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Where did the art of Origami come from?

Origami is the art of paper-folding. Its name comes from Japanese words ori (“folding”) and kami (“paper”). Traditional origami consists of folding a single sheet of square paper (often with a colored side) into a sculpture without cutting, gluing, taping, or even marking it.

The exact origin of the art of origami is unknown. Paper was invented in China in the first century A.D. and brought to Japan by Buddhist monks in the sixth century A.D. Japanese people developed origami to a very high art form. Today we would like you to have a go at making some origami.Use the videos and links below to try it for yourself! Don't forget to send us some photographs of your creations. 

Origami for Kids - Origami Dog Tutorial (Very Easy)

origami fish easy for kids

How To Make A Simple Origami Boat That Floats