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Tuesday 12th May, 2020

Good morning everyone!

How are you getting on with the algebra? If you need help, let me know. What do you think of this week's vocabulary word? Have you been able to relate it to anything in your house or maybe a book that you've read?

Today, you are continuing with your algebra practise, but it has gotten trickier. I've put some tips under the work if you need them. 

Don't forget about all of the lessons that are available to you online. There are some great lessons being taught that would be fantastic for some revision and extra practise. I have also set you some more assignments on Mathletics, so log on and check it out. 

Did you create a VE day hat? Don't forget to submit your photos and enter the competition!

It's reading SATs day! Your test is below. Good luck!

Have a lovely day everyone!

-Mrs Hartfield

Morning Work

Maths- Algebra


Some of these are two steps problems, you might need to add or subtract and then divide. 

Think about how to add or subtract with negative numbers. Create a number line if you need to.


Writing Task

Challenge: include this weeks word of the week in your writing task.


Complete a word of the day four square in your books or on a piece of paper. This doesn’t need to be printed, you can just write it out.

Reading Task- with answers



Here at Unity Primary Academy we love to sing and listen to music. So do you fancy learning some new songs or even try out learning an instrument? Well here is your chance. Below are the login details for YUMU, which is an online platform. If you login you will have access to some really fun music lessons, songs and even have the chance to learn a new instrument such as the recorder, whilst at home. It couldn't be easier, just follow these 3 simple steps: 


  1. Go to https://charanga.com/yumu/login
  2. Use your username: Benenson2020 and password: fuzzy
  3. Choose from any of the courses designed for you! 

Monday’s Answers