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Tuesday 14th July


This text is called 'The Crime Solvers' and is full of clues that need your attention.


Read the text carefully and then have a go at answering the questions below.

When she felt the buzzer gently vibrating on her wrist, Lily put her hand up and asked to be excused from the lesson. Monsieur le Roux was displeased at the interruption but reluctantly gave his permission. Lily left the room swiftly and made her way to the nearest quiet place.


“What?” she whispered to her watch, trying not to inhale too deeply. The cleaning fluids on the shelves around her mingled with the musty aroma from the damp mops.


“It’s Nick,” said her watch. “Ahmed cracked the code in the message we found. It’s definitely tonight. We think they’re going to try to rob the jewellers. But we don’t know who and we don’t know how.”


“I’m on my way,” said Lily. Minutes later, she left the building via the basement so no-one would ask what she thought she was doing.


Back at headquarters, Lily looked at the message that Ahmed had decoded. “Alright,” she said. “We may not know how or who, so let’s think about what we do know.”


“Well,” Nick screwed up his face as he tried to remember everything he had found now. “Tonight is their annual party. When I say ‘party’, I expect it’s lots of overweight old men in suits standing around and being polite to each other.” He made a face. “But that means that the jeweller’s doors will be open and no-matter how good the doormen are, when it gets busy, they can’t always see who’s squirming in around the edge of a crowd.”


“Excellent.” announced Lily. “If the robbers can get in that way, then so can we. And if we’re caught, we’ll say we were testing their security.”


Ahmed gulped and nodded. He preferred to solve problems sitting at his computer. But if he was needed at the jeweller’s he’d be there. He wouldn’t let his team down.


“What else do we know?” asked Lily, turning to face him.


“They’ve had a suspicious visitor,” he offered. “I sneaked a look at their CCTV recordings earlier. There was a customer wearing a long black coat roaming around the stockroom. That’s odd in itself. But the visitor was particularly odd. He kept limping for a bit, then he’d walk normally, then he’d start limping again.”


“Perhaps he only limps when his leg gets tired,” suggested Lily.


“Yes, but that wouldn’t explain why his limp swapped legs,” replied Ahmed. “Anyway, not only did he have this strange limp, but he wore a hat with a very wide brim and whenever he was in sight of a camera, he looked down. His face was never caught on camera.”

















This week, you are creating a booklet about yourselves to give to your teachers in September.


The second page will be an acrostic poem using your name. This is your chance to tell your teacher more about yourself and the things you like. So, use adjectives that describe you and name some things you are interested in or like doing.


Perhaps if you have a short name, include your surname too!


Yesterday, your learning was all about Lines of Symmetry. Now, I'd like you to use what you know to Create a symmetric figure.


Watch the learning clip before attempting the task please.

Topic - Transition

All of you are so unique and special! Even though your time in Year 4 was shorter than expected, you have all achieved so much!


Whether that’s learning a times table, swimming without armbands or having the confidence to put your hand up in class and offer an answer.

Remember: an achievement is something that has been accomplished through great effort, skill, perseverance or courage.


Today, I would like you to create a map of all your achievements this year, both in school and outside of school.

Then, decide which is your greatest achievement and write about it:

  • How did you accomplish this?
  • What barriers did you face?
  • Who helped you?


Take a look at the example below to help you.