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Tuesday 16th June


Yesterday, you read about the Yanomami tribe. However, this tribe is just one of many in the Amazon rainforest. There are also many other tribes living in other rainforests around the world.

Here is some more information about the Yanomami tribe and some further information about some other rainforest tribes. Read it once and then use it to help you answer the questions below. Choose your level of challenge and decide how many questions you will answer, writing the answers in your workbook.


  1. Name the three tribes mentioned in the text.
  2. Describe the type of house the Yanomami tribe live in.
  3. What are the Huli tribe famous for growing? 
  4. What do the pygmy tribe do for food? 
  5. Which tribe would you most like to be part of and why?



  1. Why do the Yanomami not have chiefs? 
  2. Which is the largest of the tribes? 
  3. How do the Yanomami tribe decorate themselves?
  4. When do the Huli men have to stop trying to grow their wigs?
  5. What makes the members of the pygmy tribe easy to identify? 



  1. Explain what indigenous means.
  2. Why do you think the rainforest tribes might struggle with illness and disease?
  3. Find and copy one word that means 'to stand out'
  4. Choose a fact mentioned in the passage from any of the tribes that you are most interested in and explain why. 


Today, we're going to continue looking at some Standard English. This time it's 'was' and 'were.' 

But how do we know when to use each one? Watch the video and use the steps I'm talking about to copy and complete the sentences below.

'was' or 'were'

Still image for this video
  1. Sally ________ not at school yesterday. 
  2. The girls _________ talking so much last Wednesday.
  3. We ______ on holiday last week.
  4. ______ the movie good?
  5. The movie ________ not very funny.
  6. I _______ having fun at the park last Sunday.
  7. Why ________ your brother sad yesterday?
  8. The house _______ very dirty so we cleaned it last week.
  9. Children ________ very happy to meet Santa.
  10. ________ your friends happy when you gave them a gift?
  11. The boy ________ very lazy before, now he is good.
  12. We ________ on a school trip this time last month. 


was - singular (one of something)

were - plural (more than one)


Your learning for today is about Comparing Decimals.

You will need to use your knowledge of place value to decide how the decimals compare. 

You will also need to think back to what you know about the signs < and > (remember: the crocodile eats the biggest number, e.g. 7 > 2)


First, watch the web link I have attached to help you to understand your questions.

Topic - PE

It's time to get active!


Here is a rainbow of PE activities - they can be played inside or outside and you'll need to find a few items from around the house for some. Your challenge is to complete the rainbow! Or you could just choose a few, your choice.


I'd love to see some photos of you taking part with your families!