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Tuesday 23rd June


We have been finding out about the many native tribes that live in the rainforests.

Today, I've got some information about 4 more tribes: The Kayapo, Korubo, Panara and Tupi people.

Read the information carefully and then try the activity below.

Draw something similar to this is your workbooks.

Then, for each tribe, answer these questions:

  1. What is the name of the Tribe?
  2. How do they use the forest?
  3. What makes the tribe different?

What are the similarities between the tribes?

What are the differences between the tribes?


Today's Standard English learning is about the confusion between 'of' and 'have.'


Sometimes I see 'of' used incorrectly:

I could of helped her with the washing up. 

He should of been kind to his friends.

She would of liked to go to the beach.


They should say:

I could have helped her with the washing up. 

He should have been kind to his friends.

She would have liked to go to the beach.


So, why is there so much confusion?

could have can be shortened to could've

should have can be shortened to should've

would have can be shortened to would've

These shortened versions sound like they have the word 'of' on the end and then it is written accidentally.


Now, have a go at writing some of your own sentences that use either the full or shortened versions of these Standard English terms. 

For example:

My mum would have fainted if she saw the terrible mess in my bedroom.

I would've liked to visit the fair but I didn't know about it.


This week's maths learning uses some of the skills we recapped last week.

Today, you need to think back to ordering decimals to help you with Ordering Money.


Remember to watch the learning clip to help you before attempting the questions in your workbooks.

Topic - PE

Time to get active today!

Here is a range of physical activities - pick your favourite and remember to drink plenty of water.

Rainforest themed yoga!

I LIKE TO MOVE IT - MADAGASCAR - Dance Routine with Oti Mabuse

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