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Tuesday 23rd




What does inheritance mean? What characteristics could a child inherit from their parents?

Ask someone at home for a photo of you and one of your parents or other family member (Uncle, Aunt, Grandparent). Discuss what characteristics you have inherited from them.

Watch the video on the link below and answer the questions above in purple. Additionally, complete the fill in the gaps exercise online.



Read the story starter below titled Samurai. Click on the link below and complete the activities based on the text.


Story starter! Samurai

The scroll had arrived; carrying the news he had been dreading. Patiently, the messenger beat his wings, hovering, waiting for further orders.

He took a moment for the news to sink in. The time for talking was over.

He felt a knot of fear in his stomach, but this fear was a good sign. Fear meant he was alert. Fear meant his mind was sharp.

As he stepped forward boldly, a sign of his confidence in his own strength, bright rays of morning sunlight glistened and danced across his midnight black armour. Honour, loyalty, courage: these were the values of the samurai, and they meant more to him than anything.

It was time…



Continue your learning on Relative Clauses. Revisit yesterday’s lesson to see Mrs Marley explain the presentation. Once reminded, complete the worksheet below.




Calculate the area of a triangle

Click on the link to BBC Bitesize below. Learn how to calculate the area of triangles.

This lesson includes:

  • a learning summery
  • a video
  • three interactive activities



Quiz: Test your knowledge of evolution


Evolution is based on well-accepted scientific principles, yet there are many misconceptions. Test your knowledge of evolution here. How many will you get right?


Joe Wicks is now only on 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday).


Take a look back at the PE with Joe journey over the last 13 weeks. How many PE lessons did you and your family complete?


Have a go at yesterday's workout below too.

A look back on 13 weeks of PE With Joe ❤️

PE With Joe | Monday 22nd June

Yesterday's workout