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Tuesday 24th March

Good morning kids and parents! Missing you all! Who did the Jo Wicks workout today? Send me a message on the contact form. Or just to chat or ask for help on today's work. 


Joe Wicks YouTube daily PE lesson

Get energised with Joe at 9am and complete his workout from his youtube channel.


Write a positive character description of the Egyptian God Osiris. Read about his powers - they must be positive (something that people would like) and describe them. Use the PDF 'Descriptions of Ancient Egyptian Gods' and /The story of Osiris'to help you.




Read the story of Osiris and write down any positive words about him. e.g. he was strong, brave, happy, kind...

Challenge Task - Analysing a character description


Complete Lesson 2 - Decimals as Fractions (1)

We have covered this before, so please remind yourself using the helpful video then complete the questions into your home learning book. You can then check your understanding using the answer booklet.


In this lesson, you'll get an introductory experience with coding and computer science in a safe, supportive environment. This activity requires sound as the tool was built to respond to music. Create your own dance party in an hour or under.