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Get ready to take a step back in time! What was it like to evacuate? Click on the video link and watch up to 4 minutes 42 seconds only. Next, answer the questions into the activity sheet about air raids, the shelter and bomb damage using the PPT pdf to help you.




Listen to Miss Cassidy read Chpt 5 53-55 (...truthful).  

Alternatively, you can read yourself on the document below. Answer the following questions.

Chpt 5 53-55.mp3

Chpt 5 53-55 (...truthful)  


  1. On p53 it says that Lucy was miserable. What had she been doing to show this? 


    2. What phrase tells us that the professor was listening carefully? 


    3. Fill in the blanks.... 

  4. What did the professor ask Susan and Peter? 




As always, you can tune in at 11am to the link below to hear David Walliams read a story. If you miss any extracts from the week, they will be on the catch up page this coming Saturday, and will be there for a week.



Continue your learning of Modal Verbs and Advebs. Remember to re-watch the example videos from Monday, explained by Mrs. Marley, and complete the activity sheet below.



Multiply mixed numbers by an integer

Click on the link to BBC Bitesize below. Learn how to use your knowledge of fractions to multiply mixed numbers by integers. For some questions, you will need to problem solve and explain your answer.

This includes: one video and two worksheets.

Activity 1 and Answers



During WW2, schools believed that the frequent dashes to the air raid shelters provided enough exercise for children during the war. PE lessons were basic and involved exercising children in lines in the playground.

Visit the websites provided on the document below to help answer the questions about exercise and pulse rate.



Get your bodies moving this morning with Joe Wicks or Oti Mabuse