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Imagine you are living in London during the Blitz and your father is fighting in the war. You are living with your mother and brother/sister. Your neighbours house has just been bombed and you are about to be evacuated to a farm in the countryside.


Use your knowledge from last week and ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ so plan the second part of your diary entry. The planning sheet below will help you layout your ideas ready for the write up later in the week.



Listen to Miss Cassidy read Chpt 6 64-67. Alternatively, you can read yourself on the document below. Answer the questions about the text below.

Chpt 6 65-67.mp3

  1. Why does Lucy deserve to be the leader? 
  2. What seems to have happened to Mr Tumnus?  
  3. Why were they 'walking briskly and stamping their feet'? 
  4. What evidence is there that Mr Tumnus' cave had been entered into quickly? 
  5. Who do you think took Mr Tumnus? Then, draw a picture of that person. 

As always, you can tune in at 11am to the link below to hear David Walliams read a story. If you miss any extracts from the week, they will be on the catch up page this coming Saturday, and will be there for a week.



Continue your learning of Adverbials. Remember to re-watch the example videos from Monday, explained by Mrs. Marley, and complete the activity sheet below.



Recognise and use thousandths

Click on the link to BBC Bitesize below. Learn how to recognise and use thousandths and relate them to tenths, hundredths and decimal equivalents.

This includes:

  • one video
  • one worksheet
  • one interactive game



During the Blitz, bombs were dropped on cities in Britain. People made Anderson shelters by bolting together curved iron sheets to protect themselves from the blasts. These shelters were half-buried in the garden and the top was covered by a thick layer of sandbags and soil.


Open the document below and use the internet and Google to answer the questions.


Get your bodies moving this morning with Joe Wicks.