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Tuesday 9th June, 2020

Good morning year 6! 

I hope you’re all well this morning! The beautiful weather is back, so make sure you get out and enjoy it! What have you been reading lately? I hope you’ve all finished at least one book while not in school. Do you have one that you could recommend to your peers? My daughter has taken an interest in the Narnia series by C.S Lewis. I loved reading the series when I was in school and I’ve really enjoyed re-reading it with her. I love an adventure story with a little bit of mystery tied in. If you have a book that you’d like to recommend, send it through to me using the contact form on the main class page and I’ll share it with everyone. 

As always, I’m here if you need me and I’m happy to help. To those in Tutu, I am also able to support you if you need any help. Miss Turner is still supporting you in your home learning, but as she is back in school, I am here if you need immediate help. Just send a message using the contact form and I will either call or email you depending on what you need. 

I hope you all have a lovely day!

- Mrs Hartfield 

Morning Work

Maths Warm Up

Maths: Mean

Maths Task: choose your challenge

Maths task in a word document if you need it:

English Warm Up - choose your challenge

Word of the Week

Your vocabulary task today is to find anything you can that relates to the word ornery. This might be a picture or piece of art, a book character, game character or film character. Be creative and don’t forget to send me pictures of your finds!


Above you will see some examples of ornery that I came up with. Some people might see Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh ornery (personally, I find him sensible). As you know, I’ve been playing Animal Crossing recently and I’ve come across some ornery characters. Croque -the frog- is so very cranky. He’s moving off of my island tomorrow so I’m thrilled about that! Mr Resetti- the mole- is also quite cranky and an annoyance to come across. I’ve probably put too much thought into my examples!

Creative Writing with Pobble 365

Challenge: use this week’s word in your writing.

Reading Task with answers



Here at Unity Primary Academy we love to sing and listen to music. So do you fancy learning some new songs or even try out learning an instrument? Well here is your chance. Below are the login details for YUMU, which is an online platform. If you login you will have access to some really fun music lessons, songs and even have the chance to learn a new instrument such as the recorder, whilst at home. It couldn't be easier, just follow these 3 simple steps: 


  1. Go to https://charanga.com/yumu/login
  2. Use your username: Benenson2020 and password: fuzzy
  3. Choose from any of the courses designed for you! 

Monday’s Answers