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Wednesday 10th June, 2020

Good morning year 6!
How are you all this morning? I’m feeling really tired today for some reason, but hey ho. How are you finding the topic work? I would really like to see some of your creations, especially your work on the Amazon, so send those photos through. 
I am so sorry that topical Tuesdays is late this week, but it’s a really good article which is especially important at this moment in time. There are some tasks attached if you would prefer those over the other work I’ve posted. Feel free to go off in your own direction and do some research. I would love to see what you do with it!
As always, I am here for you if you need me.

-Mrs Hartfield

Morning Work

Fancy something different?

Topical Tuesday is about events happening in the real world. This week, the focus is on the protests that have been happening. There are then some follow up activities that you can complete. 
I apologise for posting this a day late. I forgot to post it yesterday. 

Maths Starter



English Starter- choose your challenge

Word of the Week

Today’s task is to see how many synonyms and antonyms you can find for the word ornery.

Writing with Pobble 365

Challenge: use this week’s word in your writing. 

Reading Task with answers


World War II

Today in 1940, Italy declared war on France and Great Britain as part of its axis alliance with Nazi Germany. On the same day in 1940, Norway surrendered to Germany after 62 days of fighting  and Canada declared war on Italy. 

Today you may choose your learning task.
1. You can research what led to Canada joining the war effort and explain the impact of their involvement.

2. You can research Norway’s battle with Germany. Find key events, statistics, you could even create a map or diagram to show battles fought.

Or you can complete the task below.

Tuesday’s Answers