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Wednesday 15th July


Here's a short text called 'The Puncture' 

Have a read and have a go at answering the questions below - they are all inference - you will need to use your detective skills to examine the evidence.



Use your inference skills to answer the questions and make a list of the evidence/clues that helped you to decide:

  1. Was it summer or winter?
  2. Which tyre was punctured?
  3. Had they more than one tyre spanner?
  4. Was there some air in the spare wheel?
  5. Was it raining heavily?


This week, you are creating a booklet about yourselves to give to your teachers in September.


At Unity, your families are really important to us - we like to invite them in whenever we can!

So, the third page of your booklet will be about your family.


First, we'd like to know about the talents in your family.

Draw and label some members of your family and write a description of what they are good at.

Next, what would a perfect day with your family look like?


An important part of describing shapes is being able to Describe Position.


Watch the learning clip to help you with the questions.

Topic - Transition

The end of a school year can be a strange time that is full of mixed emotions - I think this is definitely true this year!


However, whilst many parts of your school life will change, many will stay the same too!


Today, I'd like you to have a go at making a list of all the similarities and differences between your current Y4 class and the new Y5 class that you will be going into.

For example, your lunchtime will remain the same but the building you are in will change.


A new year is also a great time to make new friends.

Can you create a poster that gives some top tips for making friends and showing kindness?