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Wednesday 20th May, 2020

Good morning Benenson! 
How are you? It was really warm outside yesterday and today is supposed to be just as warm, what are you doing to enjoy it? I’ve been out walking the dog and on a bike ride. I even remembered to wear sunscreen. 
How are you getting on with your kindness goals this week? I hope you’re enjoying it and remembering to be just as kind to yourself. 
I would like to thank Piotr for sending me photos of himself and his work. I can see just how hard you are working Piotr, well done. I am really impressed with how well you’re doing. I hope you’re proud of your hard work: I definitely am!
Have a lovely day everyone!
-Mrs Hartfield

Morning Work

Mental Health Awareness Week

To continue our kindness challenge, today I would like for you to make something for somebody. You could bake some biscuits or a cake for a neighbour or friend that you haven't seen for a while. Maybe you know a person who is shielding and hasn't left the house since lockdown started, delivering them a little something could make their day. This doesn't have to be a huge undertaking: you could make someone a card or write them a letter, simply stating that you miss them and are thinking about them. How could you brighten someone's day? 


Word of the Week

Today’s vocabulary task is to use the word estival as much as you can throughout the day. How could you casually slip it into your daily conversations? You might need to be creative!

Writing Task

Reading Task- with answers


Today, I would like for you to research the Galapagos Islands and create a naturalist's notebook- similar to those of Charles Darwin. You could: collect plant samples and make sketches and notes like a real naturalist. You will need to learn about the amazing animals and plants of the Galapagos. Watch the BBC Bitesize videos and use the internet to do your own research. 

Something different: if you would like something different, you could create a map of the Galapagos. Make sure it's detailed! Include what you will find on the island and don't forget to label the islands and the ocean properly.

Other Resources:


Tuesday’s Answers