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Wednesday 24th June


Today, your reading is your free choice. You could use Reading Buddy or simply read a book of your own.

Why not have a go at reading some non-fiction?


Take a look at the picture below - this reminds me of the tribes in the Amazon. If they had to make a journey to school, I can imagine it might be just like this!

Once you've had a good look at the picture, choose an activity or two from the pdf document below and have a go in your workbooks.


For today's maths, you will need to use your knowledge of rounding to make amounts of money more manageable to work with. Today's task is Estimating with Money.


Watch the video clip to help your understanding before you start today's activity.

Topic - RE

Last week, we learnt about how Hindus worship at home and what was needed for their home shrine.


This week, I want to look at the Mandir - sometimes also called a temple.

A Mandir is a place that Hindus go to for worship.


Mandirs also have murtis (statues of Gods and Godesses).


In the mandir, Hindus come to worship together - called Puja - when they hear the bell ring.


I would have loved to take you all to visit a mandir - here's a link to a video where you can enjoy a virtual tour:

Now, think about the buildings that are important to you.

These could be somewhere in your local community or further away (e.g. a coffee shop, a place of worship, a community hall, a leisure centre, a sports ground, a museum, an art gallery, a theatre, a cinema, etc.)

Make a list of them in your workbooks and decide what makes them special to you.

Perhaps there is something inside that is important to you? Perhaps a memory? Or a person?