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Wednesday 25th March 2020


Ordering Numbers to 20


For today's Maths, I would like you to have a go at some different activities which are all about ordering numbers to 20. Remember to take pictures and upload them to Tapestry, so that we can see all the great work you are doing at home.


Activity 1:

Write out the numbers 0-20 on some paper or card, cut them up and then ask a grown-up to mix the numbers up – don’t peek! Then, see how quickly you can put them into the correct order. You could ask someone to time you and then see if you can get faster when you try again. 


Activity 2:

Ask an adult to hide the numbers to 20 around your room, house or garden. See if you can find all 20 and place them in order. You could ask someone to tell you a number to find. Can you remember what the number looks like and find it?


Activity 3:

Create 20 leave shapes with paper. Write the numbers 1-20, one on each leaf, using a thick marker pen. Use a hole punch to make a hole in either end of the leaves and then thread them onto a piece of string. Don’t forgot to put them in the correct order! You could then put up your homemade number line in your bedroom to help you remember the order of the numbers.

Writing 25/3/20


Rewatch the story of the 3 little pigs from yesterday.

Can you write some sentences about what happens in the story?

To support your child with their writing say the sentence several times.
Allow them time to hear the sounds in each word.

Please share on tapestry 😊

Being imaginative 25/3/20


Can you make something today?

It can be a cake, a painting, a Lego model. Anything you choose.

I look forward to seeing them on tapestry 😁