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Today you are going to use DASH? to write a descriptive setting of a Sci-fi location. Use the PPT pdf to help you as well as the model and image. You can use the activity sheet to guide your writing, but if you would like to do your own, please do. We’ll be working on different settings for the rest of the week.

Picture 1
Picture 2


Continue your learning of relative clauses, remember to rewatch the example videos from Monday and yesterday explained by Mrs. Marley and complete the activity sheet below.


Converting improper to mixed number fractions and vice versa

This is a recap lesson of converting fractions, you did this last term so please watch the videos on the BBC Bitesize website to remind yourselves of how to do it then either complete the work on the website, or the worksheets below. 

Here is an extra challenge for you too.


Continue reading/listening to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe finishing chapter 3 today. 

Chapter 3 36-39

Now answer the questions below:

Lesson 3: Chpt 3 36-39

Fill in the gaps:

“...and at last there swept into sight a ___________________drawn by two reindeer.”


“Ha! You shall know us better ___________________. But I repeat –what are you?”

1. Edmund says, “I see now you were right all along. Do come out. Make it Pax.” What does “Make it Pax” mean?
a. Reveal yourself.
b. Hurry up
c. Forgive me.
d. Don’t be angry.

2. Describe the White Witch and her mode of transportation (you can draw a picture).

3. Predict what the Queen will do with Edmund.


Activity three: Cheap Veg Soup

(Sing to the tune of the hokey cokey)
Give the melody plenty of ‘swing’, especially in the lines beginning ‘Oh, missus...’
You take a big brown spud (Hands apart to show a large spud) You put it in the pot (Hands mime dropping it into a pot)
You add a lot of water (Mime turning on a tap)
And you make it nice and hot! (Fingers flicker like flames)
You serve it in a basin (One hand becomes a basin)
With a ladle or a scoop (The other hand holds a spoon)
That’s how you eat veg soup (Mime eating)
Oh, missus it’s delicious! ** (Dip finger into imaginary soup and lick) Oh, missus it’s nutritious! ** (Dip finger into imaginary soup and lick) Stop looking so suspicious! ** (Hands on hips!)
Wait ‘til you try my cheap veg soup! (Wag finger at audience)

During wartime, there was a practice of digging up gardens and converting lawns to vegetable beds in order to provide essential foods for those at home.

Have a look at some replica ration books and wartime recipes where vegetables were substituted for unavailable ingredients.


Now, create new verses by substitute different ingredients for the third line, e.g. You add a bit of carrot...You add a slice of bacon...You add a pinch of pepper...

Challenge: Invent a simple accompaniment played on saucepans, ladles, spoons and other utensils, or simply play these soundmakers on the two empty beats [rests] indicated by the asterisks.


Get your bodies moving with Joe Wicks or Oti Mabuse