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Watch from 4m45s of the video and answer the questions into the activity sheet using the ppt pdf. You should have then completed both sheets ready for your learning tomorrow.


Continue your learning on modal adverbs and verbs. You can remind yourself of the learning using the videos from Monday and the pdf ppt below.


Problem solving with fractions 

We have looked at this before, so access the learning on BBC Bitesize for some guidance, Complete the activity below and the extension on the website. For an extra challenge, log into Mathletics and focus on fractions.


Listen/read the following pages from chapter 5.

Chpt 5 55-57

Now answer the questions below 
Lesson 3 Chpt 5 55-57 (...like that)

1. On P55 there is a word with the definition 'careful thought'. What is that word?

2. According to the Professor, what must we assume? (p56)

3. Make up 3 of your own retrieval questions from the chapter so far (P51-57).





We are going to have six sessions related to WW2, each Wednesday starting this today. Our focus will be on code cracking, go through the ppt pdf and try to decipher the code below. There are hints in the pdf and answers once you’ve got the message. Remember, WW2 needed brilliant minds to work out codes that were gathered from both the allies and axis - you will learn these skills and many more during these sessions. So, let your code cracking commence...

Picture 1