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Similar to yesterday, put the events and dates in order that were significant in Anne Frank’s life.


Look at the food chains and write the respective active and passive sentences to explain
who eats who (active), and who is eaten by whom (passive).

In Science, food chains always show the arrows pointing in the direction of the flow of energy – from the animal that is eaten to the animal that is doing the eating. For the purposes of clearly illustrating the difference between the active and passive form, in this resource the food chain is also shown with the arrows pointing in the opposite direction.

Extension: research other food chains, and then create your own active and passive sentences for these.


Learn how to multiply decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 using a place value chart.

This includes:

  • a learning summary
  • two worksheets


Listen or read to the end of chapter 9 below then answer the questions.

Chpt 9 102-109


Today, you are going to start creating your short film/animation on code cracking during WW2.

Use your plan from last week and try to create it into a piece of media.

You can complete this as a monologue, a script, animation, flipbook or short film.

Try to get your plan in place this week, you can start today if you think you are ready otherwise you can get started next week. I've put some links to some free software for you to try and sort videos on flip books.