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Wednesday 3rd June


This is the last day to finish reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland before we move onto our new text. There are 3 chapters of the book left, which you can listen to on Audible. I have also added the last 3 chapters below in case you want to follow along or read yourself.

Remember, if you haven't been following the story, there are plenty more free stories on Audible or you could be using Reading Buddy.


The word rainforest is known as a compound word.

Compound words are words formed from two smaller words.

rain  +  forest  = rainforest


Look at the smaller words below. Can you make some compound words by taking a word from each list? Once you've found some new words, think about the new meaning and include them in an interesting sentence. These sentences should be written in your workbooks.

Picture 1


Today in maths you are going to continue your understanding of decimals. On Monday, you learnt about tenths as decimals. In this lesson you will learn and answer questions on Hundreths as Decimals

Questions (remember you can print the sheet out or do the questions or do them in your work book)

Answers to Tuesdays learning


Mrs Sibley and I hope that you are really enjoying learning about The Amazon Rainforest.

Yesterday in Topic, you learnt about the layers of the rainforest:


The Forest Floor

The Understorey Layer

The Canopy Layer

The Emergent Layer


Did you get them correct? The learning yesterday would have helped you to know the features of these layers and which animals have their habitat in a particular layer.

Today you are going to look at South America and use your mapping skiils. You will be looking at the countries which border Brazil and finding which oceans there are, etc

When you click on the link on the link below. There is a 1 star, 2 star and 3 star activity.


To help you you can locate the map on the internet or in an atlas. If you are finding locating the map tricky. I have attached one to help you to answer your Geography activity.

Picture 1
Picture 1