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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Morning Work

Maths with answers

Word of the Week

Today’s task is to see how many synonyms and antonyms you can find for this week’s word.

Creative Writing with Pobble 365

Challenge: use this week’s word in your writing task.

Reading Task with answers


The Amazon Rainforest has been referred to as the crucible of life. Which means it’s a place where something as occurred, different elements have interacted and new life has been created. Many scientists and explorers throughout history have travelled to the Amazon to study fossils, the rich environment and observe nature.

Alfred Russel Wallace was a British naturalist and explorer, who is best known for his theories of evolution through natural selection. Wallace’s thoughts were jointly published with Darwin’s ideas, which prompted Darwin to publish On the Origin of Species. Wallace travelled to the Amazon Rainforest to observe and collect samples to prove his theories of evolution. Unfortunately, on his way back to England, his ship caught fire and sank in the Atlantic Ocean. All of his notes and samples were lost at sea. 


Your geography task this week is to design a fact file all about the Amazon Rainforest. Include its location, size, climate, population and information about it’s nature and wildlife. You will also need to explain the Amazon’s importance to evolution. Can you find some little known facts about the Amazon? Include pictures and sketches? You might also want to design a map.
I will let you decide the format. You could create a poster, pamphlet, book or model. Be as creative as you would like!