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This week, our writing activities are going to be focused on creating a piece of non-fiction writing.


Who can remember what non-fiction means? Non-fiction text contains information and facts about something. It could be animals, buildings, weather, people for example.


Our fact files are going to be about animals. I would like you to choose your favourite animals and complete some research with your grown ups help about this animal.


Write down notes about your favourite animal in your exercise book as we will need this information later in the week. You might want to look at your animals diet (the food they eat), their appearance (what they look like), their habitat (where they live) and any other interesting facts you can find about your animal.


The animal I would choose is a penguin.


Here are my notes that I found about penguins.


  • black and white
  • sharp claws
  • they eat fish, shrimp and crabs
  • cannot fly
  • they live in Antarctica
  • it is cold there
  • they huddle together to keep warm


As you can see I have used bullet points and haven't written in full sentences as I am just writing notes right now.