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There are 4 seasons of the year. They are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 


What season are we in at the moment?


That's right, we are in Spring.


Today, I would like you to tell me what you see, hear, feel, smell and taste in the spring. Go stand outside or go on your daily walk and think about your senses.  


I seegreen grass. I see beautiful flowers growing (what colour are they?). I see lots of animals like birds carrying food and twigs for the nests. I also see lots of baby animals like chicks.  I see the bright sun in the blue sky.  
I hear… birds chirping in the garden and people talking and laughing. A lawn mower going.  
I feel/ can touch…the hot sun on my skin it is making me warm and hot. The breeze blowing my hair. The soft grass under my feet.  
I smell…the flowers they are lovely and smell like perfume. I smell a BBQ someone must be having their lunch or dinner. I smell cut grass.  
I taste…the BBQ being cooking in next door’s garden. I taste chocolate because in spring time we have Easter and Easter eggs. I taste ice cream to cool me down in the hot sun.  


What words have I highlighted? They are adjectives. I would like you to try and use adjectives in your sentences today.


Paper and metal table - you need to use capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, use your phonics and include adjectives.


Plastic and glass table - you need to capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, use your phonics, include adjectives and extend your sentences using 'because' or 'and'.