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Today I would like you to tell me all about your family.


To do this, first draw a picture of your family. You might want to draw the people you are living with at the moment, but some of us might also have family that we can't see right now so you could include them too. You could even include any pets you might have. Don't forget to include yourself! Once you have drawn your picture you can label each member of your family. Don't forget to include their name, their age, who they are to you and then you can have a go at using adjectives to describe some of their features e.g. brown hair, blue eyes.


Once you have completed your drawing and labelled everyone, you could challenge yourself by writing some sentences.


In my family there is me, Miss Gunner, my Brother who is 23, my Mum who has short hair, my Dad who is tall and my cat who has soft fur.


Don't forget to include capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and to use your phonics.


I would love to see photos of your work! :)