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In year 1 we need to learn our months of the year!


Listen to the song below and try to learn the order of the months of the year.



Then answer these questions in your exercise book.


1) How many months are there in a year?

2) What is the first month of the year?

3) What month are we currently in?

4) What month comes after this month?

5) What is the last month of the year?



Can you write a key event for each month of the year? This might include your birthday, family birthdays, dates you celebrate as a family, religious celebrations, or simply just your favourite month of the year!


My list is below

January - My birthday

February - Valentines day

March - start of spring

April - Easter was celebrated (this year anyway) 

May - Mental Health Awareness week 2020

June - My Mum's birthday

July - Independence Day (USA, 4th July)

August - Summer holidays

September - School year starts

October - Halloween

November - Bonfire Night

December - Christmas