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Today I have set 3 home learning activities for you to complete! They are based on the story and include writing clues for an animal, describing your favorite animal and rhyming words with animals.


Don't forget that with all of our writing activities we should be practicing the following:

1. Say your sentence out loud at least 3 times to remember your sentences

2. Use capital letters at the beginning of sentences, after full stops and for names of places and people.

3.Use Full stops at the end of sentences.

4. Finger spaces between words

5. Fred Fingers - when you need to spell a word use your fingers to segment the sounds

6. phonics - use your phonics to spell words and use the individual sounds, digraphs and trigraphs you have learnt to spell.

7 Adjective - use adjectives to describe - big, small, fluffy, silly, long, stinky

8. Conjunctions - join sentences together using 'and, so, beacuse'