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Behaviour at Unity

Our behaviour system and approach to classroom management.



                                      ‘Talking for a Purpose'    ©                    


At Unity Primary Academy, we adopt and consistently implement, Change Behaviour approaches. School wide, we implement “Talking for a Purpose”, Language to Increase Compliance. Say what you mean and mean what you say. This is a language- based intervention, where teaching staff use specific behavioural language to increase compliant behaviours such as, following adult directions.


All adults also understand the importance of modelling self-regulation abilities for all children. At Unity Primary Academy we take the stance that, adults regulate themselves first and then scaffold co-regulation with children. With the outcome being, children self-regulating independently. This is primarily via the Managing State Model within the “Talking for a Purpose” approach.


Our school wide classroom management for pupil conduct and behaviours for learning, are based on using Class Charts. Green, as well as Red behaviours are effectively understood by all pupils and gives an "in the moment" response to pupil behaviour.  


Information on our approach are found in our behaviour policy and associated appendices.