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Home Learning

The Government has launched the Oak National Academy, a website that provides online lessons and learning for a range of pupils along with guidance and advice on how to teach children at home.

Please be careful: We are publishing links that are recommended by the DfE or we trust as a school.  However, some of the free resources are only free for a limited period of time. Please read the small print so you know whether you will be charged at the end of a time period and note that, if you enter card details, there is a chance you will be charged automatically. We have tried to showcase which websites require registration (you have to sign up for an account) or are free to use by anyone and do not require registration. We also have our online safety page (link below) which we recommend all parents to familiarise themselves with when allowing children to play/learn online.

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone


Here you will find links and activities to various subjects in school as well as general activities and news. We will endeavour to keep this page updated regularly.


Learning at home can be a challenge. Here are some top tips for remaining sane and getting the most out of learning at home:

  1. Set up a timetable for each day and stick to it. Children thrive under consistency and routine. 
  2. Use timers to give children a visual reminder of how long each session will last.
  3. Build in regular breaks. A child's concentration span is approximately their age plus two minutes. Learning sessions should be approximately 15-30 minutes for children aged 4-7 and 30-45 minutes for children aged 8-11.
  4. Stay healthy. As long as you are not self-isolating, you are encouraged to get exercise and fresh air but minimise contact with others. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eat regular healthy meals and snacks.
  5. Keep it fun and real. There are lots of things children can learn alongside reading, writing, maths and subjects. Practise tying shoelaces, cook together, sing...the list is endless.
  6. Be patient. Children learn best when they feel secure and happy. Praise them when they try hard, not when they get things right and understand that they are still learning. Do not be afraid to tell them the answers when they are stuck.
  7. Reward them. Give lots of positive praise and look for the things they are doing really well. You might want to record a reward system with stickers or writing in a book for us to look at when we see them all again.
  8. Finally, ask for help! Each class page will have a contact form that will go to the class teacher. Please ask any question about the learning that you like, however big or small. There are also lots of new Facebook groups springing up such as 'Ask a Teacher Essex,'