Unity Primary Academy

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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mr P Labuschagne

SENCo - Mrs Amanda Freeland

School Business Manager - Ms K Mears

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr P Labuschagne

Pastoral Lead - Mrs Natasha Lakey


Teaching Team

Early Years Foundation Stage

Teachers - Mrs L Suleman, Miss B Triscott

Nursery Nurses - Mr S Martin, Mrs A Hursey, Mrs K Milton, Mrs K Dance, Mrs J Watts


Key Stage 1

Teachers -

Year 1 -  Miss R Congdon, Miss C Haylock, 

Year 2 - Miss R Kemp, 

Learning Support Assistants -

Year 1 - Miss N Brown, Mrs B Slade, Mrs K Dance

Year 2 - Miss D Allott, Miss M Grubb


Key Stage 2

Teachers -

Year 3 - Miss S Webb, Ms C Stanbridge,

Year 4 - Mrs C Marley, Mrs J Nie  

Year 5 - Mrs H Sibley, Mrs J Collitt, Mrs E Aitchison

Year 6 - Miss V Turner, Miss L Williams

Learning Support Assistants -

Year 3 - Miss M Reynolds, Mrs M Cardy

Year 4 - Mrs E Feaviour, Mrs L Ager, Mrs L Hicks

Year 5 - Mrs H Corris, Mrs T Smith, Mrs J Watts

Year 6 - Mrs S Tower, Mrs A Jones


Education Support

Speech & Language - Miss A Carrington


Pastoral and Thrive Practioners - Mrs N Lakey, Mrs L Ager, Miss N Oliver,


HLTA - Mrs S Tower, Mrs K Bulmer


Support Team


Admin Assistants - Mrs E Seymour, Mrs E Guernari, Miss P Foulger

Finance Assistant - Mrs V Preece

Attendance Officer - Mrs D McKenna


Catering and Midday

Catering Manager - Mrs C Gardner

Assistant Cook -

Catering Assistants - Mrs C Ferris, Mrs N Amey, Miss F Akeem

Midday Assistants - Mrs T Amber, Mrs C Capps, Mrs H Corris, Mrs B Slade, Mrs K Dance, Mrs R Dance, Miss M Grubb, Mrs P Heenan, Miss S Johnson, Miss G Scott, Mrs D Smith, 



Site Manager - Mr T Netzel

Cleaning Staff - Mrs T Amber, Mrs N Amey, Miss F Akeem, Miss G Scott, Miss D Smith, Mrs C Capps.