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Bereavement Support

We recognise that coronavirus is touching many lives directly or indirectly. Sadly, the daily statistics released by the media, have highlighted that many families and relatives are losing loved ones and are left bereaved and having to process their own grief under very challenging circumstances. Unity Primary Academy is here for all families, pupils and staff members who may lose a loved one and need our support. This page has links to charities that are able to support you at this time. Please also reach out to us on our school phone number or contact with staff if you need further support.

Helplines and Support

Talking to children about death and grief


It can be difficult to find the right time and words to talk to children about death and grief, especially when they have lost someone close to them. Children who have been bereaved can struggle with their emotional health, particularly feelings of anger and anxiety. The importance of conversation is integral for children following bereavement. By talking about death – even the most difficult aspects – children are able to understand that this is something they are able to cope with. The charity Winston's Wish recommends parents are 'open and honest about the situation and use story books to help explain death and dying if needed. For children, two very important needs are for adequate information and for their anxieties to be addressed. Often misinformation or misunderstanding exacerbates fears. For example, if someone who has died is described as being ‘asleep’, a child will be frightened to go to sleep themselves.'


Below are links to some beautiful stories that you can share with your children that help children understand death and loss.

[Badger's Parting Gifts] By Susan Varley ♡ Spoken Ruby Dee

Michael Rosen's Sad Book

A beautifully written and illustrated book that is a fantastic resource for anyone working with children and families, about loss and grief.

I Miss You: A first look at death by Pat Thomas

Explore the difficult issue of death for young children. This book has interactive questions to help understand the emotions that may occur when someone lose...