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Miyawaki Forest Project and Inauguration

Miyawaki Forest


Unity is the first school in Essex to undertake a project of this kind.  The Miyawaki Forest will stretch over an area of 320 square meters and will add significant value to our school grounds.  Our pupils will truly learn about the environment, sustainability and become life long carers of the natural world and its wonderful biodiversity.  Our outdoor covered shelter within the forest will mean that we can learn directly in the natural world, about the natural world and ensure that sustainability become part of our DNA.





This is the first part of the project and we had our inauguration event on Friday the 10th of February.

We celebrated the event with style and hosted dignitaries from all walks of life.


Thank you to the following guests for attending:


Cathie Paine - CEO Reach2 Academy Trust

Will Quince, MP for Colchester

Mayoress of Colchester - Nicola Goodchild

Isky Gordon - Sponsor

Earthwatch Europe

The Convervation Volunteers

Together we Grow

University of Essex

Pupils of Unity Primary Academy


We will showcase more of the project as it unfolds. 

Phase 2 of the Project


This is the exciting part where the digging of our forest is taking place.  This involves a process of excavation which is then backfilled with very rich compost, nutrients and mulch.  


The compost, nutrients, mulch and soil provides the necessary source for the trees to grow. 


There will be over a thousand trees planted in this area, consisting of a large number of indigenous varieties, carefully spaced out to allow for natural growth, creating a haven for biodiversity to flourish.



Click on the link below to read all about our project in the News Paper.

Phase 3 of the Project


This is the part where we are planting our trees.  This is the most important part of the project, as we have to make sure that the roots of the trees are well looked after.  They might be very small at this stage, however due to the nutrients, compost and mulch, they will grow very quickly.


In roughly two to three years, we will have an established forest in which we are going to learn and expand our knowledge about biodiversity, nature and the impact of this special environment on our school.  We will keep you updated with regular news about our forest, especially with how the trees are growing.